Hilarious Mainer says wife making him sell his truck


Maine is a pretty great place. From its rocky coast to its pine-crested mountaintops, many folks from all over the country and the world come to Maine to get "the experience" of having come into contact with "the wild" and "untamed" reaches of rural America. But along the way, they'll meet some of the most kind, down-to-earth people. Mainers can seem rough and gruff in their speech and you'll see where the inspiration for L.L. Bean catalogues come from. But underneath that rough exterior, there's a fierce New England and Yankee sense of independence but warm hospitality as well.

Car broken down on the side of the road? Don't be surprised if a man with more beard than face stops in his truck to give your car a jump or tire change.

Mainers also have a down-to-earth sense of humor, like our man Thaddeus over here who says:

"Now I don't want to sell but wife says list it! Ugh! You don't want it either. It has a rusty frame, it has noisey Toyota lifters, it is ugly green, the bed has rust.... Our deal is, I have to post does not matter what I say, I just have to list for book and not take a penny less. I feel I will keep it!!! Please do not respond. The other part is if I get full price offer it has to go."