WATCH: In final State of the State, LePage deafened by sound of Mainers turning the page of dark chapter


AUGUSTA - Republican Governor Paul R. LePage will make his final State of the State address this evening at 7PM before a joint session of the Maine State Legislature. The big topic of discussion? Who knows. Many Mainers are simply ready to move on. Over 50% of them, in fact. Maybe even all 62% of Mainers who didn't vote for him in 2010.

Here are some things I expect from LePages LAST State of the State:

  • He will most likely kiss President Trump's ass by bringing up his seemingly lifelong goal to stick it to the people of Maine by imposing "work requirements" for those on Medicaid.
  • He'll probably also mention that he doesn't want to fund Medicaid Expansion and how he wants to ignore the will of Maine voters.
  • He'll also try to make an appeal to Maine seniors, who have suffered under his tenure. Read this piece by the Maine Beacon.