Hillary Clinton pours full glass of wine, says "I told you so" after 13 Russians indicted by Special Counsel Mueller


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Big news out of the Nation's capital today as Special Counsel Robert Mueller issued indictments against 13 Russian nationals for meddling in the 2016 US election. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, was seen pouring a very large glass of wine and mouthing "I told you so" while watching the news break on her TV. Former President Bill Clinton was seen staring out the window and shaking his head. This does not come as news to the majority of Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton, who would have been the first women president of the United States had she been elected. She won the popular vote handily with 65,840,063 votes to Trump's 62,980,160.

The indictments unveil a concerted effort by these 13 individuals to use social media and other means to boost the candidacy of Donald Trump, disparage Hillary Clinton, and sow discord. The document states:

Defendants, posing as U.S. persons and creating false U.S. personas, operated social media pages and groups designed to attract U.S. audiences. These groups and pages, which addressed divisive U.S. political and social issues, falsely claimed to be controlled by U.S. activists when, in fact, they were controlled by Defendants. Defendants also used the stolen identities of real U.S. persons to post on ORGANIZATION-controlled social media accounts. Over time, these social media accounts became Defendants’ means to reach significant numbers of Americans for purposes of interfering with the U.S. political system, including the presidential election of 2016.

Meanwhile, officials are walking on eggshells around President Trump trying not to upset him too much. As reported by CBS:

The briefing was designed to give Mr. Trump maximum information to avoid eliciting an over-reaction from President Trump on Twitter or elsewhere. The imperative, the sources said, was to make sure the president would not "break any glass" over this. The briefing was on the indictments and no other part of the Mueller investigation.