It's OK To Feel Small.


I think we’re afraid to feel small sometimes. But in doing so we forget, in some ways, who and what we are in relation to space and time and the universe. Instead of being afraid to feel small, we should be filled with wonder at our being conscious of our being a part of something bigger and greater than ourselves.

The problem of modernity is that we do in order to be rather than being in order to do. What I mean by that is that we think busying ourselves and doing things give us purpose in life; that by making our mark upon the world will prove and affirm our existence in it.

We do things in order to accumulate things and achieve things so that we know we are "doing something with our lives."

But if we center ourselves and become comfortable with being small, and by small I mean appreciating that we are a small piece of a very large and expansive and living puzzle, than we get a semblance of who we are. And in that moment, we can simply be ourselves.

When we learn that feeling small is OK and learn to be ourselves, then we can be in the world more authentically and effectively.