A Poem: The Shadow by Marpheen Chann


Poem inspired by passing of Anthony Bourdain Every soul is on a journey Accompanied by its shadow For where there is light, there, too, does it linger

If one were to walk toward the light It follows you, barely noticed Like memories along for the ride

Ever present and unimposing Like a silent companion, or guiding compass Ready for reminiscing and reflection

And, indeed, it does the wandering soul good Wonders for those tired and weary To get a sense of how far one has come

But a shadow can be a fickle friend Especially if it is prone to the kind of brooding That conjures what ifs and what could’ve beens

Look too longingly at what lies behind you And you could find yourself slowing to a standstill And, worse, walking away from the light

In such a situation, your shadow is superimposed Stretched out ahead over a path now paved with regret Stuck in rewind, you reach and reach but fail to grasp at ghosts

And you change as a different kind of shadow falls across your face The light in your eyes dwindle, overtaken by despair As you walk back the way you came and none of it seems the same

Every soul is on a journey Accompanied by its shadow Whether a friend or foe, only you can know