A Poem: Broken Democracy By Marpheen Chann


You’re right, it’s brokenBroken dreams Broken hearts Broken families

Slipping through the cracks Like what the frack Foundation of our fragile identity under attack

But we can’t even see It’s not our cup of tea We’d rather have water from poisoned wells and warped realities

We’re like the living dead Pumped full of lead Rifles at the ready but we’re making our own dead

Hearts full of holes Where’s the love, where’s the hope Workin like drones while we wonder why we feel alone

Like busy bees, circuits jumbled Community is in trouble All we’re about is the business of accumulating capital

It’s all about the me being free It’s not about us, not about we No wonder why we’re losing our democracy

You’re right, we're broken Broken dreams Broken hearts Broken families Broken Democracy