I was raised Evangelical. Here’s why Trump and Alabama’s abortion ban is all part of the plan.

Many people cannot wrap their heads around why Evangelicals and the Christian Right support a man as amoral as President Trump. But let me help.

I’m an openly gay man and a liberal Democrat. But I was adopted by an Evangelical family and, throughout middle school and high school, we went to church every Sunday morning and I was enrolled in a private Christian school.

In that school, we were taught that Evolution was “only a theory,” that climate change was a hoax, and that Planned Parenthood was an organization that profited off murdering babies and selling their body parts. They saw public school as a place where liberals brainwashed kids with the “Liberal Agenda.”

I remember specifically, in “history class,” we were shown a documentary on Planned Parenthood. This documentary framed Roe v. Wade as a genocide and conspiracy to destroy the nuclear family and engage in population control.

But by far the most important topic discussed whenever issues such as abortion or LGBTQ rights came up was not Congress or the President; it was the Supreme Court.

Roe v. Wade is to the Christian Right that moment in history when American was no longer great. And the Supreme Court was to blame. In there view, things like same-sex marriage and Roe v. Wade are instances when unelected judges were legislating from the bench, rather than interpreting the Constitution.


And so, for decades, Evangelical groups such as the Moral Majority (founded by Trump cheerleader Jerry Falwell) began to organize the Christian Right into a powerful force in American politics and the Republican Party. Their goal? To rebirth a nation in their image by stacking the Supreme Court with conservative judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade and end the liberalization of America.

Since the Reagan administration in the 1980s, we’ve had 4 Republican presidents and 2 Democratic presidents. Republican presidents made 10 of the 14 Supreme Court appointments (1 was elevating an Associate Justice to Chief Justice). Democratic presidents only made 4 Supreme Court appointments. That means that Republicans made 71.4% of the Supreme Court appointments since 1980. Not only that, they made the majority of appointments for appellate level courts and federal district courts.

And so that brings us to President Trump. Many evangelicals and those in the Christian Right willingly overlook his moral misgivings because they understand that he is a means to an end. And the gamble they made on Trump has proven largely successful as Trump has appointed two new conservative justices to the Supreme Court: Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

Now that the Supreme Court is stacked with conservative justices, Alabama’s ban on abortion is the next phase of the strategy to challenge Roe v. Wade and same-sex marriage.

In truth, they deserve it. Evangelicals drive home the point tho vote, vote, vote in every election from dog catcher to POTUS. And to vote Republican. They have done that consistently time and time again and they have borne the fruits of their labor.

Democrats meanwhile seem to only show up to vote during Presidential election years.

If Democrats are really concernced about what’s going on, not only in terms of the presidency, we have to be focused on all levels of government. With the Census coming up, many districts will be reapportioned and district lines will be redrawn by states. Control of state and local government is paramount to control of Congress in the decade to come.

The question now is: Have we learned our lesson?