LGBTQ Rights & Equality

 As someone who was adopted by a white, working class and evangelical family, I struggled through middle school and high school having to hide from everyone else and myself that I am gay. I was told, “You’re just confused.” I was taught that people were gay because they didn’t have strong father figures and male rolemodels. I was taught that LGBTQ people were unhappy because they were living lives contrary to God’s divine order and intentions.

It wasn’t until my first year of college at a bible college that I began to really explore what I believed in the context of the diversity of philosophies, worldviews, and beliefs that existed outside of Christianity. When I came home that summer after college, I started on the journey of coming out and transferred to the University of Southern Maine.

Since then, I’ve become a staunch advocate and supporter of LGBTQ rights and equality for all.

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