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How do we mourn a president with a mixed record on civil rights?  

In all truth, I don’t know the answer. Viewing his life in its totality and entirety, I see a man who held traditional beliefs about marriage and sexuality. But I also see a man who evolved and changed with the times. At the same time, I cannot ignore the countless deaths from HIV/AIDs that were a result of his inaction on the epidemic.

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The Moral of Our Story: A Gay Asian-American’s Perspective on Reclaiming the Moral Narrative

Morality exists as a universal concept to free humanity from our baser instincts, such as hate, fear, and violence; that morality should free us to contemplate, imagine, and dream of a world in which we live in peaceful coexistence. Instead, we have seen morality used to oppress, marginalize, dehumanize, and to stoke fear and hate of those who may look different, talk different, dress different, act different, and love differently.

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Op-Ed in the Press Herald: Don’t let ‘jobs and economy’ mantra obscure need for racial and social justice

Class and identity politics are not mutually exclusive. We are at our best as a society when we appreciate the finer details, nuances, context and intersections of our increasingly diverse nation, while collectively realizing that our individual experiences have a common source in the human condition.

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