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How do we love a country that breaks our hearts?

We keep fighting. That’s how. We keep fighting for our loved ones, for the things we love about this country. We keep fighting for country we want and dream of. We keep fighting for the America we believe in and the America we believe we can be.

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The Moral of Our Story: A Gay Asian-American’s Perspective on Reclaiming the Moral Narrative

Morality exists as a universal concept to free humanity from our baser instincts, such as hate, fear, and violence; that morality should free us to contemplate, imagine, and dream of a world in which we live in peaceful coexistence. Instead, we have seen morality used to oppress, marginalize, dehumanize, and to stoke fear and hate of those who may look different, talk different, dress different, act different, and love differently.

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Top Republican says working class spends ‘every darn penny’ on ‘booze or women or movies’

In a consumer economy, consumers grow the economy, i.e. the working and middle class of America. But that's now what or who the Republican tax bills are about. It's plainly and painfully obvious who these massive tax breaks are benefitting: The wealthiest of families and Wall Street.

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