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U.S. needs to take responsibility for violence and instability it helped cause in Central America

This means devoting more resources to hire more asylum officers and immigration judges to reduce administrative backlog. It also means putting an end to family separations and indefinite detentions. In the long term, we need compassionate, comprehensive immigration reform and a foreign policy that doesn’t contribute to the global refugee crisis.

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A Burning City on a Hill

Yes, America is a shining city on a hill. But the light is from a thousand fires fanned by the convergence of multiple storm fronts: A growing, white supremacist movement; a white, male demagogue all too happy to exploit its violent tendencies and rhetoric; anti-immigrant fervor; anti-Muslim sentiments; protectionism; isolationism; and systemic, blatant, and latent racism. Unfortunately, this list is not exhaustive.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Our Story: Immigration in America

The weakening of the Federal government's plenary power occurred with each new wave of immigrants, it seems. I cannot go into every wave of immigrants, so I've created an infographic laying out the major waves of immigration, what major events correlated with them, and some of the responses to them.

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