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How do we mourn a president with a mixed record on civil rights?  

In all truth, I don’t know the answer. Viewing his life in its totality and entirety, I see a man who held traditional beliefs about marriage and sexuality. But I also see a man who evolved and changed with the times. At the same time, I cannot ignore the countless deaths from HIV/AIDs that were a result of his inaction on the epidemic.

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3 essential truths for resilient living

There will be bad times. But there will be good times. So remember. There’s the hard truth – you won’t be happy all the time. Suffering and pain exists. There’s the healing truth – you can overcome, no matter how hard, no matter how dark. Just accept that you can change the things that can be changed, but accept the things that you cannot change. That will save you a lot of anxiety and hurt in life. And finally, the hopeful truth – good things have happened, are happening and will happen. Put things in perspective. Remember to appreciate and live in those moments and to not let the bad things make you miss those opportunities to just be happy.

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